32 people are killed in a karaoke bar fire in Vietnam

32 people are killed in a karaoke bar fire in Vietnam: A massive fire at a karaoke complex in southern Vietnam close to Ho Chi Minh City has resulted in at least 32 fatalities and several injuries.

A fire broke out on the building’s top story Tuesday night, trapping clients and employees.

According to local media, four individuals leaped to safety from the second and third stories. Despite their injuries, they lived.

A few times later, the alarm went off, and firefighters and firefighters arrived.

According to the Cong An Nhan Dan newspaper, which serves as the Public Security Ministry’s official mouthpiece. 32 fatalities have been officially verified, including 17 males and 15 women.

An official reported by the news website VnExpress as claiming that the hunt for casualties had over. The public security ministry estimates that there were around 60 individuals in the tavern when it caught fire.

According to a statement from the establishment, “the fire began on the second story of the bar and immediately spread to the third floor, which was full with combustible stuff.”

The pub is in the province of Binh Duong, north of Ho Chi Minh City. A senior Communist Party official there had reported 23 fatalities and 11 injuries.

With 29 rooms, the An Phu Karaoke Bar filled a sizable structure. According to state media, eight people’s remains discovered in the restrooms.

Local authorities said a fire was in around a third of the structure.

Crews estimated it took them under an hour to put out the fire.

Recently, this incident has been the worst in a string of karaoke bar fires in Vietnam, raising questions about lax safety regulations. Three firemen perished last month while attempting to extinguish a fire at a karaoke bar in the nation’s capital, Hanoi.

Thirteen people perished in a fire at another karaoke bar in Hanoi in 2016.

This fire has shocked Vietnam, and not just because it has killed 32 people and is the worst of its kind. And more than 40 have suffered severe injuries. But also because fires at the nation’s karaoke clubs are so frequent.

At least six accidents have occurred since 2014, killing 58 people.

The Fire and Rescue Department and local authorities’ operations were the subjects of a 2019 inquiry by Vietnamese MPs; nevertheless, their suggestions seem to have buried in a web of bureaucracy.

According to Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, a former deputy head of the ministry in charge of fire departments. The country’s health, safety and fire prevention standards are now thoroughly reviewed.

But the population interested to know what it is really about. Is it simply poor luck, or is there a lack of control in the fire prevention procedures, often brought on by corruption in the licensing of entertainment venues?