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Amazing Indoor Aquarium by Minecraft Player

Amazing Indoor Aquarium by Minecraft Player:  Many consider Minecraft one of the best sandbox and survival games ever produced due to its ease of use and near-limitless ingenuity. Minecraft is still one of the most popular games on Twitch and YouTube after almost a decade.

Players have made astounding constructions in the game, such as a Cyberpunk skyscraper built in Minecraft. Players create these regularly, each adding a new structure, machine, or another remarkable effort to the game.

Of course, some products stand out owing to their size, complexity, or labor. In a game where gamers have built functional calculators and moving tanks, casual players struggle to stay up.

Amazing Indoor Aquarium by Minecraft Player

That doesn’t mean small additions like Subnautica kelp in Minecraft or other modest creations aren’t valuable. Recently, one gamer developed an indoor aquarium to unify a space in their home.

The programmer, a Reddit user, recorded their cute aquarium on film. The aquarium’s inhabitants include a few fish and a sea turtle. This gives it a look and feels of a real home aquarium, albeit it may be smaller due to Programmeter’s aquarium’s size. Some of Minecraft’s mega-bases exhibit a pattern of building huge constructions.

Other people complimented Programmeter and asked for assistance on their creations. The answer to illumination is sea pickles, Programmeter told a user.

Another user joked that the turtle was following Programmeter to ask for some air. Unsurprisingly, Programmeter confirmed that certain shaders used to generate the illumination surrounding the tank and the area.

Despite its simplicity, the aquarium’s aesthetic included shaders and lighting in addition to Programmeter’s gorgeous fish tank.

Minecraft is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.



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