Amid JP Nadda’s Visit, Bengal BJP Infighting Comes To Light

In the middle of BJP national president J P Nadda’s visit, infighting in the West Bengal branch erupted on Wednesday, with vice-president Raju Banerjee saying he had not been invited to the state executive meeting.
Mr Nadda was in attendance for the daytime meeting.

Mr Banerjee, close to BJP national vice-president Dilip Ghosh, who was recently chastised by the party’s high brass for speaking out against the state unit, said that he was not notified of or invited to any of Mr Nadda’s meetings with state office bearers.

“For our national president J P Nadda Ji’s program, I have neither been told nor received an invitation. I’m not sure why. I’ll inquire why the party’s leadership didn’t invite me, “Mr Banerjee said.

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Rahul Sinha, a senior BJP leader, said that the situation would be investigated.

“The vice-president of the state party should have been invited. Those in charge of planning the festivities will investigate why he was not invited, “he said

Several state BJP MLAs were reportedly absent from the state executive committee meeting, held at the National Library and addressed by Mr Nadda.

“Some MLAs and leaders have given good explanations for their positions. However, several party members have not notified the party as to why they would not be attending the meeting. We’re looking into it right now. “According to a top BJP leader in the state,

This time, Mr Nadda’s visit to Bengal is noteworthy since the state BJP unit is beset by infighting and emigration to the governing Trinamool Congress, which is still licking its wounds after losing the Assembly election in 2021.

Several top executives are embroiled in social media feuds, leaving little time for the party’s expansion.

After former union minister Babul Supriyo, party MP Arjun Singh, and five lawmakers, including national vice-president Mukul Roy, moved to the TMC after the assembly election results last year, the state unit has been struggling hard to keep its flock together.