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An ex-student at Boston College was found guilty of the suicide of his boyfriend

An ex-student at Boston College was found guilty of the suicide of his boyfriend.  

An ex-student at Boston College pleaded guilty to involuntary murderer charges stemming from her involvement in encouraging her boyfriend suicide by verbal, physical, and psychological abuse.

Inyoung You, 23 years old, entered the plea in Suffolk County Superior Court Boston. She had reached a deal with District Attorney Rachael Rollers to plead guilty. 

This could have allowed her to avoid jail time. Instead, Robert Ullmann sentenced her to a two-and-half-year suspended sentence and ten years probation.

Prosecutors also stated that she was prohibited from profit from her high-profile case. She could be released if she follows her probation terms.

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The Prosecutors stated that 22-year-old Alexander Ursula received 47,130 text messages in the final two months of their 18-month relationship. In addition, she waged an abuse campaign and instructed him to kill himself during this time.

Ursula, a Cedar Grove resident, New Jersey, leaped to his death from a garage just hours before graduating in May 2019.

These allegations were similar to Michelle Carter’s high-profile Massachusetts case. She was convicted of involuntary murder in 2017. 

She was accused of convincing her teenage boyfriend to commit suicide by text messages and phone calls.

You had been fighting the charges. The state’s highest court was set to hear your appeal of the ruling that allowed the case in 2019 to proceed. However, her lawyer stated that you decided to drop the request and take responsibility.

Steven Kim, her lawyer, stated that today marks the end of a two-year-old living hell that had upended Ms. Your life.

Her probation terms include mental health treatment, 300 hours of community service, and an agreement not to profit financially from selling her story.


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