Archaic Stones in Genshin Impact

Archaic Stones in Genshin Impact: Genshin Impact’s 2.6 Update has arrived, bringing a slew of new features. The remodeling of the Chasm is one of these upgrades. In addition, new quests have been introduced to go along with these changes. 

This is a fairly straightforward quest with fantastic rewards. It’s as simple as finding and collecting Archaic Stones. Archaic Stones are Quest goods you can only obtain on mining rocks in the Chasm. 

But the question is, in Genshin Impact, how do you get Archaic Stones? In this guide, I’ll show you how to obtain Archaic Stones in GI.

How to Get Archaic Stones in Genshin Impact?

As previously stated, Archaic Stones can be obtained by mining rocks in the Chasm in Genshin Impact. However, you’ll need to recruit them to accomplish the Says He Who Seeks Stone Quest. 

You can find Muning on the east side of the Chasm, north of Glaze Peak and Quingxu Pool, and can start the quest. After speaking with him, he will instruct you to obtain three Archaic Stones

The graphic below depicts all of the Archaic Stones‘ positions in Genshin Impact. The Exclamation Marker identifies the location of Muning, while the Star Marker indicates the location of an Archaic Stone.

Also, you can find the bulk of them on cliffs or underground. However, the majority are on cliffs. When you arrive at one of them, attack it to break it

You will receive one Archaic Stone as a result of this. Muning stated that he required three Archaic Stones. However, to accomplish this quest, he will need nine

So grab the 9 Archaic Stones and hand them over to him. After speaking with him, you will receive 60 Primogems300 XP, and 60,000 Coins.

However, this is all about Archaic Stones in Genshin Impact and their location guide. So don’t forget to share it with your friends if this guide helps you.