Begin the Lost Ark Kungelanium Guardian Raid

Begin the Lost Ark Kungelanium Guardian Raid: Have trouble understanding how to launch the Kungelanium Guardian Raid in Lost Ark?

Everyone wants to know how to reach the new boss; that is the assignment’s focus since it is one of the game’s latest additions. So here is all the information you need to begin it.

How to Begin the Lost Ark Kungelanium Guardian Raid

In the Guardian Raid in Lost Ark, your character must be at least iLvl 1460 or higher and must have vanquished every prior Guardian before you ever get the opportunity to face Kungelanium. This level 6 raid requires you to defeat the following foes:

First-level guardians

  • Ur’nil (302+ iLvl)
  • iLvl 340+ Lumerus
  • Legoros Icy (iLvl 380+)
  • (iLvl 420+) Vertus
  • Guardians at Level 2
  • (iLvl 460+) Chromanium
  • iLvl 500+ Nacrasena
  • Yoho Flame Fox (iLvl 540+)
  • Tytalos (580+ iLvl)
  • Guardians at Level 3.
  • Legoros the Dark (iLv 802+)
  • iLvl 840+ Helgaia
  • Calventus (880+ iLvl)
  • Achates (iLvl 920 and above)
  • Guardians at Level 4
  • (iLvl 960+) Frost Helgaia
  • Chromanium from lava (iLvl 1000+)
  • Levan’s (1040+ iLvl)
  • Alberhastic (1080+ iLvl)
  • Guardians at Level 5
  • Nacrasena in heavy armor (iLvl 1302+)
  • (iLvl 1325+) Igrexion
  • Yoho Night Fox (iLvl 1355+)
  • Vegans (1358) and above

You may engage in the Kungelanium combat twice daily, much like other Guardian Raids in the game.

All you have to do to begin the battle is engage with the Guardian Raid bulletin board in any sizable city. However, remember that you must have finished the campaign and unlocked North Vern to access it.

You now have the information you need to begin the Kungelanium Guardian Raid in Lost Ark.

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