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The Best Battle Royale Games to Play 2022

Best Battle Royale Games to Play 2022: Battle Royale Games are a game where you and other players are dropped from high places onto a map. 

You must equip better gear, take down as many enemies as possible and survive to become the last man standing. 

This was the way it was for a long time. However, it’s 2022, and Battle Royale Games are available in many forms.

 Some are realistic, while others are more childish and playful. The best Battle Royale games are Call of Duty, Fortnite, PUBG, and Fortnite. T

These games have shaped and changed the genre. These are the best Battle Royale Games in 2022.

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Best Battle Royale Games to Play 2022

These Battle Royale Games are different than the big players.

Battlegrounds Accurate

Accurate Battlegrounds is our first game. This game results from the same developers as Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. 

It combines the best of both the old and new. Combining the Janky Ragdoll Physics with the LowPoly aesthetic gives the Battle Royale Genre a new look. 

The Battle Royale Genre plays out as many Battle Royales. First, you are dropped onto a map, and then you get to dress up and become the last man standing.

 Physics Engines are the key to this game’s success. Accurate Battlegrounds is a game that will challenge you. 

Although it may not be as real-life as PUBG, this game is still a lot of fun.

Hunt: Showdown

Next up is Hunt – Showdown. Battle Royale Games are a pure PvP experience. Hunt: Showdown, however, changes all that. 

It adds heavy PvE to the experience. Hunt: Showdown lets you play as Bounty Hunters, and you’ll need to hunt down the 4 Bosses that the game has to provide. 

To kill these Bosses, you can join forces with other players. After defeating a Boss, you will be given a Bounty. You must carefully extract it from an Extraction point

Be careful as other Players could and will pursue you for the Bounty. You win if you reach Extraction Point. If not, you lose.


Spellbreak follows this contender. This Battle Royale Game is played in a Fantasy World. So instead of using weapons like Firearms, you can use Spells.

 Each player must select one of the 6 Elements before they start playing. These Elements are Fire and Wind, Earth, Lightning, Earth, Ice, and Toxic.

 You will have the option to use Elemental Spells in your Primary weapon, the Gauntlet. You will gain your Gauntlets as you defeat enemies.

This will allow you to dual-wield two Elements. You can fight other players to prove you are the best battlemage in all the Lands.

Tetris 99 – A Battle Royale Game

Have you ever wanted to play the classic 8-bit Arcade game Tetris, but not with other players?

 Tetris 99 is now available. Arika and Nintendo have created a 99-player Battle Royale of Tetris. You must survive this challenging game.

 Each player can randomly disrupt another player’s game by completing a line. 

You may lose 8 bits if you don’t keep your aisles clear and lanes clean. Unfortunately, Tetris 99 is currently only available on the Nintendo Switch.

 The game may be released on other platforms in the future.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is another major title. Although I mentioned earlier that there wouldn’t be any big names on this list, Apex Legends was a must-have.

 While Firearms play a significant role in the game, the Legends make the game unique. Each Legend is impressive and can change the outcome of a battle. 

A further thing to mention is that Apex Legends features a highly refined Ping System, which allows players to communicate without having to say a word. 

This is combined with the incredible movement that the game offers, and it’s easy to see why Battle Royale made it onto the list.

These are some of the best Battle Royale Games, which don’t follow the traditional formula. 

They created something unique from the Big Names. Although there are many Battle Royales similar to the ones I listed, these are the ones that caught my attention. 

This guide hopefully helped. Also, you can check out our article on the best Roguelikes that you can play.

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