Best Characters To Defeat Oceanid In Genshin Impact

Best Characters To Defeat Oceanid: Oceanid, while there are many bosses and mini-bosses in Genshin Impact. Why? It can summon eight types of mimics, each in the form and shape of different creatures. Frogs and Ferrets can summon these creatures and Cranes and Cranes. 

All of these creatures are immune to Hydro attacks and resistant to them. So which characters are best to defeat Oceanid? This is our guide to the best surfaces for defeating Oceanid in Genshin Impact.

The Best Characters to Defeat Oceanid at Genshin Impact

In addition to being ineffective against Dendro elemental and Anemo characters, Oceanid is also weak against the Hydro characters. They are also vulnerable against the Cyo and Pyro primary characters. These are the best characters to defeat Oceanid.

Lisa Minci

Lisa can freeze opponents and can use electro attacks on the Oceanid. Her primary skill, Violet Arch, can apply a stack Electro conductive status to him. Their combo can easily defeat Oceanid if you pair Katya and her. To destroy Oceanid, make sure you use Lisa’s stacking and Katya’s freezing attacks.


Yanfei, also known as Smoky Scarlet, is a Pyro-elemental character that can defeat Oceanid. Her elemental abilities and burst can cause significant damage. In addition, her pyro attacks can be very effective, but you may need a healer or shield character such as Noelle or Diana.


This Cryo elemental Cryo character can use long-range attacks against all flying mimics of Oceanid. She can use her basic skills and increase the critical rate of each hit and also freeze and melt her enemies. She can beat any Oceanid mimic easily with her DPS build.


Keqing may be the most Electrotype character against Oceanid. She is one of the most powerful characters, and she has a high DPS. She is also the fastest character and has a remarkable ability to manage crowds. These factors allow her to battle Oceanid mimics with ease.

Kujou Sara and Fischl

These characters are both Electro elemental characters with solid fundamental skills. Kujou Sara can handle long-ranged attacks because she is skilled with bows. Fischl can summon an Oz using her essential skill. This night raven can attack nearby enemies simultaneously.

 This combination can balance out long-ranged and close-ranged attacks, posing a deadly threat to Oceanid.

This is all you need to know about the best characters to defeat Oceanid at Genshin Impact. This guide can find here at News Gater.


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