Browns fans turn away from Odell Beckham Jr. with their sights set on the Super Bowl

Browns fans turn away from Odell Beckham Jr. with their sights set on the Super Bowl.

CLEVELAND (WJW) – The Browns took a huge victory Sunday, and they did it without Odell Beckham Jr., the first time without him on the team since the drama broke out earlier this week. As for the fans, they seemed to be focused on the outcome of the game rather than who was not on the field.

“I wish Odell the best of luck, but we are obviously playing better without him,” said Haroon Thomas.

Angel Flecha agreed with Haroon saying, “I think we will be fine without him. We have Landry. Landry has always been a huge asset to us, so we’ll be good to him. ”

Thomas Aris and Gabriella Rovillata said they are happy Beckham is no longer on the team.

“Honestly, I think he cares more about himself and his stats than he does about the team,” Rovillata said.

Although Odell was not on the field, his jersey appeared everywhere at TownHall in Ohio City. The fans have different plans for the jersey.

“I’m going to hang it up,” said Carlos Rivera. “I’m going to hang it up, but it probably won’t wear out after today.”

Arrow also wore an Odell jersey on Sunday. “I’m going to frame it and I’m going to get one from Chubb.”

Browns fan Jimmy Finnerty says he’s going to change Odell’s jersey to say “Oh well” instead of Odell.

Or fans could sell it to Alec Lekas, who was watching the game in a Johnny Manziel jersey. “If you want to sell your shirt, I’ll take it,” Lekas ​​said. “I’m a big fan of Odell, but he’s not the best fit for the Browns.”

OBJ was clearly the hot topic, but his name wasn’t the only one that was released. Fans can’t stop talking about quarterback Baker Mayfield.

“I love Baker,” said fan Hayley Williford. “I think it has completely revitalized Cleveland as a whole for the Browns. Since he was here, the energy has been insane. ”

The Jones family agrees. “We love and support him,” Steven Jones said. “He’s about to win that Super Bowl for us.”

So what does Baker have to say about OBJ? They asked him about him during the post-game. He said he was still a good friend and wished him well.

“We haven’t talked yet, but that doesn’t change things,” Mayfield said. I wish him well. I wish him the best in his career. But I’m worried about the guys in our locker room. I’m proud of these guys. ”