Carjacker Steals U.S. congresswoman car at gunpoint in a Philadelphia park

Carjacker Steals U.S. congresswoman car at gunpoint in a Philadelphia park. 

The FBI and police launched the search for two individuals suspected of taking U.S. Representative Mary Gay Scanlon off her car at gunpoint Wednesday afternoon in the Philadelphia park after a meeting with elected officials, according to her spokesperson and the police.

Scanlon is a Democrat who is a member of Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District Scanlon, a Democrat from Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District. 

Fortunately, she was uninjured in the mid-afternoon carjacking when walking towards her sport utility vehicle. 

, she was confronted by two men who are believed to be between 20 and 30 years old, according to police. 

The suspects demanded keys to her car, and she gave them to them, after which one of them drove off in her vehicle, while another jumped in an SUV and followed them as they fled, according to police.

Many of Scanlon’s personal and personal items were stolen in the vehicle that was stolen, police stated.

It is believed that the Philadelphia Police Department was working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which was the primary investigator on the case because the victim is an elected member of Congress Police said.

In a short statement that was posted in a short post on Twitter, Scanlon, 62, who has served in the House of Representatives since November 2018 He thanked the police thanks for their “swift response.”

The spokesperson for her, Lauren Cox, said that the congresswoman had just finished an outdoor meeting with fellow elected members at FDR Park. 

It is located in South Philadelphia to discuss improvements to the park when the carjacking took place.

“I am relieved that Congresswoman Scanlon was not physically injured, and my thoughts are with her during this difficult time,” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said in a statement.

Police refused to comment on whether Carjackers might target Scanlon since she was elected officials or public figure.

Scanlon is a member of the House Judiciary and Rules committees and serves as vice-chair of the House Administration Committee.