'Don't worry Mamata Banerjee will ABANDON you too': BJP's BIG warning to TMC leaders

A top BJP official has threatened Trinamool Congress MLAs and office holders that Mamata Banerjee, the head of their party and the West Bengal chief minister, would also oust them if anything about them ever made her uncomfortable.

The ED detained days after TMC leaders Partha Chatterjee, Anubrata Mondal, and the CBI in separate instances of suspected corruption. The BJP’s in charge of the media cell, Amit Malviya, issued the warning.

Malviya, the West Bengal BJP co-in charge, tweeted that Mamata Banerjee had stopped returning their calls at precisely the wrong time.

She left them when things became uncomfortable. The message is that other ministers, TMC employees, and officials who worked together to rob, kill, and rape will also be abandoned.

The head of the BJPO also charged Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, for favoring criminals like Anubrata Mandal.

Malviya said that Mamata protects people who run crime and extortion syndicates under her control by providing official protection.

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“Anubrota Mondal is one among the criminals who Mamata Banerjee supports. She provides official protection to those who run the crime and extortion syndicates she oversees as Chief Minister and Home Minister of West Bengal. Partha Chatterjee or Anubroto Mondal, Mamata Banerjee is ultimately responsible, “Malviya said, citing an earlier tweet.

On March 26, Malviya posted a photo and stated, “What message is being sent by Bengal’s Home Minister by transporting Anubroto Mondal, the local goonda in Birbhum who worked on Anarul Hossain’s orders and is now in custody for the Rampurhat massacre? This image illustrates how WB politics is criminalized from the top down.”

Dr. Sukanta Majumdar, the head of the West Bengal BJP, tweeted after the CBI detained Anubrata Mandal this morning: “CM @MamataOfficial is ignoring cattle trafficking.

The perpetrators of such horrible atrocities are being apprehended very slowly. Anubrato Mondal is the same guy who warned that killings from the past, including those in 2011, 14, 16, and 19, will happen again.”

Around 9.50 a.m., a sizable group of members of the central armed forces accompanied the CBI officers as they arrived at Mandal’s Bolpur bungalow.

Following a little more than an hour of interrogation, they detained him about the livestock smuggling scheme. The Trinamool Congress leader was taken into custody after evading the central agency summons 10 times a row.