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Emanuel Macron says the British government has not kept its word

Emanuel Macron says the British government has not kept its word. 

Paris: Relationships with France and Britain are at a crossroads in migration, fishing, and security. But, unfortunately, the British government in London doesn’t do what it promises to do on Thursday.

Macron was speaking at the news conference and said Britain has pushed to sign the security agreement between Britain, Australia, and the United States that prompted Australia to renounce a deal with France to purchase submarines.

The annulment of the submarines agreement provoked unrest in France and accusations that allies of France had punched it with a knife in its back. 

However, Macron‘s comments were the first time he has publicly denied Britain for being “a fervent promoter” of the deal that was a rival to.

“Can I ignore that the British were, it seems, the fervent promoters of a contract which deliberately fought against France’s interest in the Indo-Pacific to build an exclusive alternative vision?” the author declared.

Britain has stated that the AUKUS agreement was not designed to degrade its defense relations with France.

Concerning the migration crisis, tensions grew worse with the death of 27 immigrants. When they attempted to traverse over the Channel to Britain this month, the incident was. Macron claimed that Britain’s labor policies were the culprits.

The economic model of Britain was based on illegal labor, the minister said and added that there would be problems when that issue is not addressed.

Britain insists it needs France’s assistance to stop the migration flow.

However, Macron attempted to be more friendly during the same press gathering: “I love Britain, I love its people, I crave a government that just wants to work in good faith with us.”



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