If elected to office in Gujarat, Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal pledged to generate 10 lakh government jobs there and to provide young people with a 3,000 monthly jobless stipend. He said that if AAP takes power in Gujarat, his party will ensure that every unemployed young person finds employment within the next five years.

By the end of the year, Gujarat will conduct its assembly elections, and Mr. Kejriwal’s party is attempting to establish itself there following its resounding triumph in Punjab.

Every unemployed kid would get 3,000 per month in unemployment benefits till we find them work, Mr. Kejriwal said while addressing a crowd at a public gathering in Veraval, Gir Somnath district, Saurashtra.

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The promise of free power and water, as well as the Delhi model of education and healthcare that received a lot of support in Punjab, have been expanded upon by Mr. Kejriwal.

In response, Mr. Kejriwal said that the BJP’s “rewari” coinage is “given solely to their buddies and ends up in Swiss banks” for the free energy and water supplied in AAP-ruled states.

According to Mr. Kejriwal, only the people deserve “free rewari.” He said what is free should go to people rather than contractors or ministers since it is public money.

The argument that offering free healthcare and education hurts the government’s coffers is false, according to Mr. Kejriwal. Freebies do not lead a nation to fall into debt; corruption does, he said.

“Gujarat is now 3.5 lakh crore in debt. Was it my fault? Kejriwal has he done this? Have you received any free rewari from them? In Gujarat, do you get anything for nothing? If they don’t, why is there a debt? This results from corruption, “added said.

“Those who advocate against free speech do it with ulterior motives. I am urging the nation to debate and have a referendum on whether or not to provide free power, water, and education to its citizens “said the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Mr. Kejriwal also mentioned the “World Cities’ Summit” in Singapore, which he could not attend due to Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor’s disapproval.

“The Singaporean government requested me to come and tell the world what a fantastic job we are doing. They wouldn’t let me go however. We could invite any of our Chief Ministers, they said. However, no one completed the task “said he.