Are you ready for some exciting news about the Digital novel bonus code by Spike Chunsoft, Inc.? Of course, you are, so prepare for master detective archives with a digital novel bonus code.

The digital novel, as the name suggests, is an original digital novel, a prequel to the main story of Rain Code.

Spike Chunsoft, Inc. recently released a brand new trailer highlighting the characters from Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE standard edition. Not only that, but a mystery thriller limited edition will come with a voucher code for a bonus digital novel.

It means the fans will have a printed voucher code which comes along with the physical package containing the following:

  • Standard edition
  • Limited edition

You must be thrilled to have your hands on the physical package, but you may have to wait.

Master Detectives Archives: RAIN CODE

The Master Detectives Archives: Rain Code is the brainchild of Yoichro Koizumi and is a prequel to the game’s primary story. You may have to wait for more details about the digital novel.

Master Detectives Archives: RAIN CODE is a detective adventure by mastermind Kazutaka Kodaka who created the Danganronpa series earlier. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2023, in Europe and North America.

The lead of the story is the detective Youma Kokohead who works alongside his partner Shinigamito to solve mysterious and tricky crimes in a rain-swept city.

Yuma’s Six Allies

Besides the Digital Novel, Spike Chunsoft has also revealed Yuma’s six allies, who are all the master detectives working for a nocturnal detective agency in Janai Ward.

Interestingly, these characters are outstanding detectives with a distinctive ability, known as Forensic Forte, to assist in solving a crime. The players should look forward to some exciting twists in the crime-solving genre.

You may have to wait to play the game; however, you can have a sneak peek into the six detectives:

  • Vivia Twilight – He is one lazy detective who can detach from the body, thus becoming a ghost to walk invisibly through the walls. Isn’t he cool?
  • Aphex Logan – With a rough upbringing, Aphex wears a mask and can detect living beings in his 50-meter radius. This ability makes him react violently in some conditions where he can negotiate with logic.
  • Zange Eraser – He is one of the oldest detectives with a mysterious past. He has a thoughtography memory to save the memories on smart electronic devices.
  • Desuhiko Thunderbolt – With a weakness for pretty women, he is the most flirtatious but a master of disguise.
  • Zilch Alexender – He has a nature-loving soul that allows him to control the animals and investigate secret areas that are out of humans’ reach.
  • Halara Nightmare – With a mercenary outlook, she can’t offer her detective services without being paid first. She can uniquely recreate an original crime scene by removing all the unnecessary obstacles.

These six characters will debut in the Master Detectives Archives: RAIN CODE on June 30, 2023. You can pre-order the standard and collector’s editions to collect goodies, such as a soundtrack CD, an art book, and a plush version of Shinigami.