Find a Solution Reddit Search Not Working Issue

Find a Solution Reddit Search Not Working Issue: Reddit is a renowned site where information from various kinds of topics is discussed and exchanged by users from all across the globe. 

You can make an account with a unique user name on Reddit and browse for different subjects. Join in discussions and exchange your thoughts on this platform that is open to all.

Recently, many Reddit users have been experiencing difficulties when searching for various subjects.

 If you’re experiencing problems with Reddit, there is a remedy. So without further delay, let’s get started by figuring out the steps to fix your Search Not Working Issue on Reddit.

Reddit Search Not Working Issue Fix

  1. Check Server Status

Most of the time, the issues or problems are related to a server issue at Reddit’s server backend. Therefore, before you explore any technological fix on your own, look up whether there’s an issue with the server or outage identified by Reddit. 

You can verify your Reddit Server status using three methods: Twitter, Reddit Status, and Downdetector. First, go to Reddit’s Official Twitter account Reddit and check whether the issue has been resolve. 

If you can’t find any solution on the site, you should go to the following alternative, i.e., Reddit Status!

Reddit has a site known as Reddit Status that keeps us informed about server status every minute. Now and then, when the server isn’t working, the issue is reported through colored red or yellow bands on the website. 

Green-colored bands indicate the operation of Reddit, while the Yellow and red-colored bands indicate the problems. 

To verify Reddit Server Status, go to your web browser and type in Reddit Status or click the link below and we’ll take you there!

If you don’t find any leads on the current issue regarding the ongoing Twitter and Reddit Status case, you should visit and give it to the Downditector. 

Downditector is a website from a third party that provides us with real-time information about different websites.

 Go to to get live information about the server’s down issue based upon the number of users who have complained about the same problem.

Find a Solution Reddit Search Not Working Issue

  1. Turn off Ad Blockers

The presence of an Adblocker on your device can be beneficial for continuous surfing.

 But, they can interfere with websites like Reddit and cause issues. Therefore, to make sure that you remove the AdBlocker from your device. Then attempt to search on Reddit for a second time to fix issues. Reddit Search Not Working problem.

  1. Turn off Search Filter

Reddit is a site with this feature that can filter certain content from your account, which causes issues when you search.

 To ensure that it is not the case, go to the Settings and click on the profile icon. Then, go to the user settings and switch the “Adult Content” and “Safe Search Mode’ on. 

Return to Reddit Home Page and try to search for things again. We’re hoping the issue will solve!

This is all you must learn about fixing the Reddit Search Not Working Issue.