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Where can you find Kirlia in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Find Kirlia in Pokemon Sword and Shield: Before Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, the only way trainers could add a Kirlia to their team was by evolving Ralts. 

Kirlia can now be found in Max Dens and Pokemon Sword. Trainers will save time by finding a Kirlia Wild to catch and evolve its pre-evolved Ralts.

Kirlia can evolve into the Psychic/Fairy type Gardevoir. If Kirlia is a male, then it also can grow into the Psychic/Fighting-type Gallade.

 If you are looking for a strong Psychic-type for your Sword & Shield team, consider catching Kirlia and evolving her.

Where can you find Kirlia Wild?

Kirlia is a Wandering Pokemon and can be found in the Wild Area’s Rolling Fields. Three Wandering Kirlia exist, but they are only found in Foggy Weather.

 Kirlia is a 26-level Pokemon before getting all 8 of Galars gym badges. However, after players have completed Sword & Shield, Kirlia and other Wild Area Pokemon will become level 60.

The Grass Badge (the first gym badge) does not allow trainers to catch Pokemon above level 25. Kirlia is one level lower. Trainers will need the Water Badge to catch Pokemon to level 30.

Ralts are the earliest way to obtain Kirlia. Ralts are more accessible to catch than Kirlia in Wild, so trainers don’t need badges. You can find Ralts in:

  • Dappled Grove
  • North Lake Miloch
  • South Lake Miloch
  • Rolling Fields
  • Watchtower Ruins
  • West Lake Axwell

Ralts, unlike Kirlia, is a Random Encounter with a 40% chance to appear. It will only spawn if the weather is foggy, just like Kirlia. Ralts must reach level 20 to become Kirlia.

Find Kirlia in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Max Raid Battle in Kirlia

Finding Kirlia in Pokemon Dens is another way to obtain Kirlia. Kirlia can appear in these dens if she does not have an expansion pass for Sword/Shield.

  • Bridge Field
  • Lake of Outrage
  • Motostoke Riverbank
  • Stony Wilderness
  • Watchtower Ruins

Kirlia can spawn as a Max Raid Pokemon by using the Isle of ArmorDLC

  • Fields of Honor
  • Soothing Wetlands
  • Forest of Focus
  • Challenge Beach
  • Lowlands Training
  • Stepping-Stone Sea
  • Insular Sea

Kirlia is a Max Raid Battle Pokemon of 2 stars, but it can also appear 3-star or 4-star. Players need to be aware that 2 star Raid Pokemon will not appear until they have at least 2-3 gym badges.

 Like the Wandering Kirlia’s Max Raid, Kirlia cannot be caught until Gym Leaders Milo or Nessa are defeated.

Kirlia is a Max Raid Pokemon with a value of 2-4 stars. Trainers need only the first three gym badges to catch Kirlia at her lowest level. Additionally, the Isle of ArmorDLC offers more Max Dens that players can use to find Kirlia.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are available on Nintendo Switch.


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