Flash Floods Kills 30 People in Afghanistan

Flash Floods Kills 30 People in Afghanistan, more than 100 missings

According to authorities, at least 29 people were killed, and several houses were damaged in eastern Afghanistan due to flash floods brought on by heavy rainfall. 

Numerous Afghans perish in heavy downpours every year, especially in rural regions of extreme poverty where shoddy construction puts houses in danger of collapsing.

Parwan, Kapisa, and Nangarhar Provinces were battered by heavy rainfall during the previous 24 hours.

At least 20 people were murdered, and more than 50 were wounded in Parwan, according to Mohammad Naseeb Haqqani, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Disaster Management.

He told AFP that “crops, dozens of houses, and roads have been demolished” and added that four people died in Nangarhar and five in Kapisa.

He noted that relief teams and urgent assistance had been sent to the impacted regions. Rescuers were looking through muddy wreckage for survivors.

According to the provincial governor’s spokesperson, Hekmatullah Shamim, some 100 individuals were also missing in Parwan.

Foreign-funded assistance and relief efforts for natural disasters have significantly decreased since the Taliban seized back control in August last year.

Western countries are afraid that the Taliban may seize any support and use it to strengthen their hold on power.