Fortnite and Dragon Ball crossover teaser reveals new cosmetics and locales

Fortnite and Dragon Ball crossover teaser reveals new cosmetics and locales: Fans of Fortnite should ready for some significant changes in the coming days. Even though the game’s next season isn’t expected to debut until September.

Although a Dragon Ball crossover has already revealed for this week. A purportedly leaked teaser could have given gamers a clearer sense of what to expect.

It looks like the battle royale will include other character skins, abilities, and locales from the anime. In addition to the main characters Goku and Vegeta.

Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Bulma may see in a 45-second clip shared by the Twitter user and seasoned leaker iFireMonkey that purports to be a gameplay teaser for the event. In other episodes, Goku and Vegeta shown wearing their Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Blue forms. Suggesting they may have different skin types.

The trailer has many more callbacks than just these two. The gameplay also describes gliders modeled like Shenron and Flying Nimbus and the usage of Goku’s recognizable Kamehameha blast. Which has long believed to be a Mythic weapon.

Speaking of gameplay, Fortnite‘s map may also get a makeover whenever the crossover is out. Locations like Capsule Corp. and the World Tournament stadium seem to be from the Dragon Ball Z and Super series.

However, no information has released on the POIs that they would replace.
Therefore, players looking forward to the event should still treat this cautiously as Epic Games has not confirmed it.

This film has supported the crossover-related speculations, but it’s still just footage. ShiinaBR, a Fortnite data miner, said that Dragon Ball skins would sold shortly after discovering a Capsule Corp item in the game’s archives.

When this video leaked, the data miner said the event might have its weekly challenges and free prizes. However, once it launches on August 16, players will finally see all the Fortnite and Dragon Ball crossover has to offer.