Genshin Impact fans leak Collei fanart

Genshin Impact fans leak Collei fanart: Genshin Impact‘s 3.0 beta test applications have concluded, boosting anticipation for the Sumeru update. Collei makes her debut in the Genshin Impact manga. New leaks hint she may appear different than in the manga, despite months of disclosures.

@SpendYourPrimos (not @SaveYourPrimos) on Twitter leaked that Collei’s look may be altered.

She may have shoulder-length hair.

She may wear a green shawl and a long-sleeved black dress.

Asymmetrical stockings and black heels are her footwear.

She wears black, gold, and yellow-orange accessories.

Collei’s revised look may because the manga is set five years before Genshin Impact.

NGA user-made fanart of Collei based on the leaks, showing a more mature and happy character version. Genshin Impact may be designing a new female body model. Therefore, she may have a kid or adolescent body model. She’s probably shorter than Xiao, however.

@SpendYourPrimos stated that Collei might be a forest patrol, which links with past reports that she will be a four-star Dendro bow user. Amber, who was close to Collei, patrols as an Outrider in the manga.

The leaker said Collei tries hard to seem normal. Given her less-than-normal background as an Archon Residue Experiment test subject. This personality quirk seems suitable given her character—but nothing has proven.

Soon, the Version 3.0 beta test will begin so that we may learn more about Collei and other new characters.