Get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

Get Hardwood in Stardew Valley: You’ll need various materials and supplies in Stardew Valley to make stuff in the game. Not to mention that they are a way for you to earn some additional money.

Wherever you go, plenty of wood will be available for cutting, but what about that redwood known as Hardwood? What’s going on there?

You only need a limited number of these to ensure items, indicating that they are not particularly frequent.

The Best Way to Buy Wood in Stardew Valley

Your presumptions are accurate. It would help to split up those enormous stumps, fallen tree logs, or mahogany trees to get Hardwood.

The Secret Woods northwest of Cindersap Forest is the most excellent location to locate these. Even if they are chopped down the day before, six of the enormous stumps sprout here each day, providing an endless supply of Hardwood in Stardew Valley.

However, to get here, you’ll need to use a Steel Axe to chop through the log blocking the path immediately above the Wizard’s Tower, as shown in the picture below.

the cindersap forest’s hidden entrance in Stardew Valley

Your farmland and the woodland south of Marnie’s Farm are other fantastic locations to discover stumps. Those, in particular, will keep respawning, and for each one, you cut up,

you’ll get two Hardwood. However, remember that once you chop down any stumps on your Farm, they won’t regenerate.

a mahogany stump in Stardew Valley that yields hardwood

But before you start doing this, don’t be too eager. First, you must upgrade to a Copper Axe (or greater) from the Blacksmith to harm them in any way.

Stardew Valley Copper Axe Obtaining Procedures

If you discover that ordinary old wood isn’t cutting it, it’s time for an upgrade. You may purchase a Copper Axe from the Blacksmith in a few days if you visit him as soon as you have 5 Copper Bars and 2,000 coins. Start cutting.

Remember that this will harm only common trees and large stumps. A Steel Axe or greater is required for the logs.

What Stardew Valley Does With Hardwood

The Farmhouse Upgrade 2, which needs 250 Hardwood, and the Stable, which requires 100 Hardwood, both require Hardwood for construction.

Additionally, you’ll need it to create various valuable things, such as Warp Totems, which may transport you to many locations on the map, including the Desert, Farm, Beach, Island, and Mountains.

Keep a good supply of Hardwood on hand since it’s needed for other items like the Oil Maker, Heavy Tapper, Cheese Press, and other valuable modifications you’ll want to make around your Farm.

That is all there is to know about obtaining Hardwood in SHardwoodalley. Check out our advice on where to discover Linus’ basket, the Flower Dance, and more in the links below for additional gaming tips and techniques.