Horizon Forbidden West shows dark Horse's latest Aloy copy

Horizon Forbidden West shows dark Horse’s latest Aloy copy: A replica statue of Aloy will soon be available to Horizon Forbidden West fans. The release date is set for November 16, 2022.

Pre-orders are now open for the new 1/8 scale statue, thanks to Dark Horse Direct and the artistry of PureArts.
Guerilla has made the following formal statement, adding that the monument would be made of PVC:

The painters well painted the body’s and equipment’s tiniest features, and Aloy’s motion was also relatively well rendered. However, the character’s performance in the game is not shown by the face.

The remarkable outcomes for Aloy’s face drew swift criticism from the audience. But, in reality, Aloy often seems to have issues with her face.

Guerilla and @DarkHorseComics have cleverly concealed the cost, but it is anticipated to be $99.99.

Compared to the original 1/6 scale figurine, the size and accuracy (or lack thereof) do not warrant the price. Pre-orders for the statue, however, have already been filled.

It also cost $399.99, so it seems like fans will receive value for their money.
Since the majority of replicas and busts are expensive in any case, the new model is essentially an inexpensive substitute.

But in a perfect world, the figure’s validity would be more than just a talking point.
For instance, the 1/3 size Miles Morales statue by Premium Collectibles Studio was unveiled in May 2022.

The replica’s adaptable features and level of authenticity allowed actress Nadji Jeter to pose for a picture with it, justifying its $1000 price tag.

However, those who missed out on the 1/6 scale model of Horizon Forbidden West now have another chance to pre-order Aloy and express their support for the series, which has endured as a successful flagship exclusive for PlayStation players.