Campaign Mode In Halo Infinite

Fast Travel In Halo Infinite Campaign Mode: The Campaign mode of Halo Infinite has finally been made available. It’s incorporated many of the features found in Halo Infinite but has added some new features to the Halo Universe but has its distinctive twist.

 As opposed to the Linear Mission Progression in the previous Titles, Halo Infinite has evolved into an Open World Game. This has opened up many possibilities for game mechanics that are different. 

One of these game mechanics could be Fast Travel. If you’re a Ys player, now you’ll be able to speedily journey across Location from Location Location within Halo Infinite. 

How To Fast Travel In Halo Infinite Campaign Mode?

Its Fast Travel mechanic in Halo Infinite lets the player travel to various locations on the map effortlessly and with a lesser amount of time. It is possible to Fast Travel starting at the very beginning of your journey. 

There are no particular rules to be met or a task to complete to allow Fast Travel in Halo Infinite. However, you must get two Locations captured on the map of the vast open world that is Zeta Halo. This can be accomplished by completing the first mission.

Tips for doing Fast Travel

If you have two locked locations at a minimum, you can speed Travel between the two locations. To Fast Travel, you’ll need to follow the steps below.

  • Launch your TACMAP via the Pause Menu.
  • Then look over your area you’d like to fast Travel and ensure you have captured it.
  • When you hover over the Location, It should display Fast Travel Online on the bottom right side of the screen.
  • On the bottom of the display, you will be able to see on the right side of the screen the Quick Moving Button.
  • Based on the Gaming System you are using, depending on the gaming system you are using, the Fast Travel Button will be an X on Xbox and the Square button on PS.
  • When you click the appropriate link, the user will Speed Travel to the location you want to visit.

Here are the steps needed to Fast Travel in Halo Infinite Campaign Mode. Before you can Fast Travel, You will need to remove Locations such as those of the FOBs (Forward Operating Base). 

To liberate these locations, you’ll need to be able to defeat all enemies and engage with a console located in between the two sides in the FOB. After the interaction is completed, you will be able to use the Fast Travel option that will be removed for your location.