India wins 3-1 against Pakistan in the Asian Champions Trophy hockey

India wins 3-1 against Pakistan in the Asian Champions Trophy hockey. 

India beat Pakistan during their 3rd match in Dhaka’s Asian Champions Trophy hockey tournament on the 17th of December.

India began the tournament drawing with Korea before beating Bangladesh 9-0.

Harmanpreet Singh’s truck twice, and Akashdeep Singh scored a single goal in India’s victory on Friday.

Harmanpreet (8th 53rd minute) scored two penalty corners. Then, backup player Akashdeep Singh who didn’t be included in the Tokyo Olympics team was able to score. 

He goal at the end of 42nd minutes to score his second tournament goal.

The only goal scored by Pakistan is scored by Junaid Manzoor in the 45th-minute.

This was India’s second victory in the tournament following their 9-0 win over hosts Bangladesh. Pakistan is yet to win with a goalless draw with Japan in their opening game.

India had previously drawn 2-3 against Korea in their opening match of the tournament.

India is currently top of the points table, scoring 7 points after three matches. On Sunday, they will play Japan in their final round-robin game of the five-team tournament.

Pakistan is, however, down only one point from their two games.

India and Pakistan were co-victors in the previous version of this tournament held in Muscat after the final cleaned out.

The Indians were utterly dominant throughout the first two quarters, while Pakistan sat in the back. However, they could defend admirably except for Harmanpreet’s only strike.

The emphasis was concentrated on the Pakistan side in the initial two quarters. Indians were relentless from the beginning and also created a couple of chances. 

However, goalkeeper Mazar Abbas, who was a star all over, must be given credit.

However, India scored the first goal at the end of the eighth. After Harmanpreet took advantage of the first team penalty corner by putting a strong low strike in the direction of the left Pakistan goalkeeper.

After four minutes, Captain Manpreet Singh’s deflection from outside the circle was stopped by a shrewd Abbas.

The second quarter continued as India gained numerous ground, but the Pakistan defense was up to the task.

While Pakistan’s defense was prominent, the forward line was not impressive. It didn’t register one shot at the goal or get a different penalty corner.

With a 1-0 lead at half-time at half time, the Indians continued to exert tension on Pakistan’s goal. They extended their lead by scoring in the second half of the game when Akashdeep struck Sumit’s strike off the flank to the left using an inverted strike.

However, the combative Pakistanis did not give up hope. They stepped up their game from this point on, narrowing the deficit by 27 seconds since the close in the 3rd period, thanks to Manzoor’s diving deflection off the pass of Abdul Rana.

The three quarters that started the game were played by India. Pakistan gave Manpreet and his players the chance to show their worth in the last quarter, producing thrilling, end-to-end hockey.

Invigorated by the goal, Pakistan went on the offensive and scored the first penalty corner within the 46th minute. But it was denied following India requesting a referee.

Pakistan did not give up and continued to push hard and won two penalty corners quickly. But the young Indian caretaker Suraj Karkera came up with two fantastic saves to keep his team’s lead intact.

Between, India secured their second penalty corner, and this time Harmanpreet was precise in his drag-flick.

India scored another penalty corner three minutes before the final hooter. However, Varun Kumar’s shot was saved in the hands of goalkeeper Pakistan goalkeeper.