Jet Airways is back in service in the sky

Jet Airways is back in service in the sky, the first flight on the Delhi-Mumbai route.

Jet Airways is about to begin its journey again. After almost three years, blue and white planes will once again fly through the country’s skies.

The company will start service early next year. The first flight will be on the Delhi-Mumbai route.

Jet Airways, once the nation’s largest airline, went bankrupt due to debt. As a result, the flight was stopped as of April 2019.

But this time, the new owners of the company sound the word of hope. They are optimistic that Jet Airways can return to the latest incarnation starting next year. Read More: Upcoming Cyclone in West Bengal 2021 after Yash.

However, the company will be based in New Delhi instead of Mumbai. According to sources, Jet Airways will return in a new form within the 2021 quarter.

A consortium was formed to restructure the financially troubled airline, it announced Monday.

By the way, in June this year, the National Company Law Court or NCLT approved a plan on behalf of the Jalan-Kalrak group to restructure Jet Airways.

The new owners of Jet Airways are Muralilal Jalan, a businessman from the United Arab Emirates, and Carlock Capital, London.

Jet Airways was once the largest airline in the country in terms of the number of passengers. But the flight had to be canceled on April 17, 2019.

The reason behind it was bankruptcy due to a debt of around Tk 45,000 crore.

But this time they want to start both national and international flights. Initially, there were plans to launch a new airline.

But considering the brand equity of Jet Airways, it was decided to keep the old name. The Jet 2.0 program begins.

Public transportation has been hit hard by the Corona epidemic. In particular, the situation for airlines amid a recession has become deplorable.

They allege that the price of the tickets sold during the blackout period has not yet been reimbursed to customers.

Only time will tell if Jet Airways will return to the previous state of mind in such a situation.


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