More anime series that will premiere in Summer 23 are being released as the upcoming season approaches. The newest fantasy anime, Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room Hero, is all set to release in July. Even Kadokawa posted an advertisement showcasing the major casts, while Toufu created artwork to celebrate its anime. Contrary to its name, Level 1 Demon Lord is not an Isekai; rather, it is a form of reverse Isekai that viewers of programs like The Devil is a Part-Timer need to be aware of.

Ten years have passed since Max’s valiant victory over Demon Lord. For whatever explanation, Demon Lord, now in the form of a child, rushes to Max to get retribution.

Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room Hero by Toufu will soon be adapted for television, and we finally learn more about what to anticipate. The series will debut in 2023, according to the statement, which also includes an exclusive promo, a graphic, and a few character and crew updates.

Keisuke Inoue, with Toshiya Ohno, is set to be directing the anime, and it is scheduled for animation by SILVER LINK and BLADE studios. Moreover, the updated cast will be Naomi Ōzora as Demon Lord,  Yūichi Nakamura as Max, Ami Koshimizu as Yuria, Hiro Shimono as Leo, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Fred, and Yōko Hikasa as Zenia. At the same time, Yoshihiro Watanabe will be the character designer.

A demon lord and the hero who overcame them both live in our world, making Level 1 Demon Lord a little odd.

2019 saw the start of the fantasy manga through Toufu’s serialization on the Houbunsha Comic Fuz website/app. The manga’s English licensee, Seven Seas Entertainment, summarizes the plot as follows:

One Room Hero is a regular person living in a modest home who is oblivious to his hidden brilliance. Armed only with his unbreakable determination and a room full of dreams, he sets out on a mission to destroy the darkness with a modest heart and an uncompromising spirit.

A heroic warrior has vanquished the Demon Lord, yet he will inevitably return. Max, a strong and well-known hero, vanquished the Demon Lord. The Demon fell asleep to exact her sweet vengeance on those who had wronged her and replenish her dynamism. After she awoke, she dropped her terrifying Demon Lord look, and her entire being was chibi.

She went to see the hero who had once beaten her and was shocked to see Max. It comes out that the hero is now a total reclusive who resides in his filthy chamber.

Will a shut-in slob defeat the forces of gloom?

The first episodes of Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room Hero anime will be primarily shown on HIDIVE. Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room Hero enter our constantly growing team of 2023 simulcasts among some of Japan’s most eagerly awaited new releases – and are only accessible to HIDIVE customers, said John Ledford, Ceo of HIDIVE.

We’re excited to bring this humorous new anime series to HIDIVE later this year.”

John Ledford added, Later this year, we’re thrilled to introduce this lighthearted new anime series to HIDIVE!