'Many thieves in my dept I am their chief': Sudhakar Singh

Agriculture Minister of Bihar Sudhakar Singh has alleged that his department is filled with “thieves,” and that he is their “sardar.”

Further asserting that there are several other “Sardars” above him, the Minister in the Nitish Kumar administration. Mr. Singh lambasted the Bihar coalition government headed by Nitish Kumar while speaking to a crowd in Kaimur.

“Our (agricultural) department’s thefts occur in every single one of its divisions. I take on the role of their Sardar since I am the department’s manager. I’m above a lot of other chieftains as well. The working method hasn’t altered even if the government has. The same things continue to exist.

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He said that under the pretense of helping farmers, the Bihar State Seed Corporation stole almost 200 crore rupees.

“The farmers who needed to grow high-quality paddy should not use Bihar State Seed Corporation paddy seeds. So they do not put it on their fields, even if they take it for any other cause. So the seed firms embezzle between 100 and 150 crores instead of helping farmers.

Further criticizing the Minority Affairs Minister Mohammad Jama Khan and the Janata Dal (United) legislator from Chainpur, Mr. Singh said that even though the latter had previously served as a minister in the administration, the situation of the local populace had hardly improved.

“Currently, the district has two ministers. What good is being a minister if the situation does not improve even after that? There are many crooked authorities in the Kaimur district.

Notably, Sudhakar Singh, the agriculture minister for Bihar, had before stoked a debate regarding “rice embezzlement.”

Jagdanand Singh, the state president of the Rashtriya Janat Dal (RJD) and a well-known figure in Bihar, is the father of Sudhakar Singh. MLA Sudhakar Singh represents Buxar’s Ramgarh district.

While he served as a minister in Nitish Kumar’s government in 2013, there were suspicions of a rice fraud.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) criticized the Magagathbandhan coalition on the issue when Mr. Singh was appointed Minister in the new Magagathbandhan cabinet.

They need to review the court’s ruling on the topic. Although not usually accurate, accusations are often made. If the swindle occurred, it did so when they were in power. Why did they not pursue this at that time? Singh spoke about the BJP accusing him of being involved in the rice scandal.