India’s Chief Justice NV Ramana blasted social media and electronic media on Saturday, saying they were undermining democracy.

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He said the following:

  • Judges are the target of coordinated campaigns on social media.
  • Judges may not respond right away. Please do not confuse it for lack of strength or power.
  • criticizes media trials and electronic and social media attacks
  • The amplification power of new media technologies is excellent. Still, they don’t seem to tell the difference between right and wrong, big and terrible, and genuine and phony.
  • Case decisions cannot be made based on media trials.
  • We see the media operating kangaroo courts, sometimes on matters that even seasoned judges find hard to rule.
  • Debates on justice delivery concerns that are ill-informed and motivated by personal agendas are proven to be harmful to the health of democracy.
  • Media bias harms society undermines democracy, and is terrible for the system.
  • The delivery of justice is negatively impacted in this process.
  • You are regressing our democracy by overstepping your bounds and abusing your authority.
  • There is still some responsibility for print media.
  • Electronic media, however, has no responsibility since what they broadcast disappears into thin air.
  • Social media is much worse.
  • CJI calls for media self-regulation
  • The media should self-regulate and weigh their remarks as much as possible.
  • I demand that users of electronic and social media act appropriately.
  • Instead, electronic media should utilize their platform to inform the public and reenergize the country.