Messi beats Pele's record after twin goal in the Champions League

Messi beats Pele’s record after twin goal in the Champions League. 

Pell was named the most successful footballer, scoring 656 goals for the club and the country. As for goals, this time, Messi left the wizard of that football behind. 

On Tuesday, the Argentine superstar scored the 656th goal of his soccer career on the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) jersey. And that’s why he climbed to second place on the top scorer’s list. 

The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner scored six goals for the superstar club and 60 for the country’s jersey. However, Messi is the one who has scored the most goals for Barcelona. 

Previously, Messi owned the highest international goal in South Africa, beating Ray’s world-famous record. And this time, Pele was overwhelmed.

On Tuesday, PSG beat Club Brugge 4-1 in the Champions League group stage match. Killian Mbabane led the team with a pair of goals. Also, Messi has two goals. He scored his second goal from the penalty spot. It is Messi’s fifth goal in the current Champions League.

Even at 34, Messi continues to advance with the magic of the young. However, he still has Cristiano Ronaldo ahead when it comes to goals. He seems to be out of reach of him. 601 goals are shining alongside his soccer career. 

He is the undisputed emperor of 115 goals with the national team and 6 goals with the club. However, it is clear from the statistics that Messi and Ronaldo rule the football world even on the night of their careers.