Money Heist Returns to Free Fire in Final Episode

Money Heist Returns to Free Fire in Final Episode. 

Garena has announced the second installment in Free Fire‘s crossover with Money Heist. Perhaps, this is what captivated many players worldwide in the fall of last year. 

From December 3 to 14, Money Heist will return to Free Fire with an in-game event called Final Episode: Raid and Run. The event will introduce new missions, themed collaborative items, and activities for engagement on social media.

“This second year’s Free Fire x Money Heist campaign builds on the great reception we experienced in the first event of the crossover last year. 

We consider the kind of content our players would like and look at ways to incorporate this into the Free Fire world. 

Content that can bring communities together – in or outside of the game is what we want to celebrate through this campaign.” Harold Teo, Producer for Free Fire, said about the recent cooperation with Netflix.

Final Episode: Raid and Run

The Professor back in Bermuda intends to locate the gold and rescue from the Free Fire Squad caught during a heist, with aid from Free Fire players. 

Beginning on December 3, survivors can team up with Professor and their Free Fire Squad to complete the final heist. 

To recover the gold and release members of the Free Fire squad, Survivors must follow the instructions of the Professor and complete various missions in the game.

Final Episode

Raid and Run will also feature a new interface. The ending Episode of Raid and Run will also have an in-game skin reskin, an updated interface, and web-based events.

When it comes to the task of raiding and fight, survivors can also dress with exclusive items that are themed to fight with fashion! 

Join in on the final mission of Professor with this unique Free Fire x Money Heist collection that is available to Survivors to dress up and fully get into the experience of crossover.