Next Community Day dates for Pokémon Go announced

Next Community Day dates for Pokémon Go announced: Niantic has released the dates for the next round of Community Days ahead of the declaration of the Pokémon Go Season. For interested gamers to schedule their weekends around these Community Day activities.

They will need to know these dates. Sadly, the special Pokémon shown not disclosed, but we know the dates.

This year’s last Pokémon Go Season will include four significant Community Day activities. On September 18, October 15, November 2, a Community Day Classic on November 5, and finally, a formal Community Day celebration on November 12, there will be one.

Thank goodness, there will be two weekends in November.
But unfortunately, September’s closest won’t occur until the middle of the month.

On the other hand, Niantic has disclosed two forthcoming events that will take place on September 3 and 11. The current Season, which will reveal later this week, will depend on them, although the team has not yet specified what they will be.

Before 2023 comes, Niantic will provide additional details about its autumn and winter plans. Later this week, most likely before the Pokémon Go Fest Finale event, which will include the several Ultra Beasts that have been emerging since June, we’ll hear more about these specifics.

We’re interested to see what Pokémon Go gamers might expect from these Community Days. The most recent one was Galarian Zigzagoon, which was well-liked by many people in the neighborhood.

It had a rare Pokémon on display, and Obstagoon’s ultimate evolution had a valuable new move. However, even if they were valued, many participants still have time-related issues and feel confined by the three-hour events.

I hope Niantic keeps looking into this. Closer to the months they debut, the identities of these Pokémon featured in these Community Days will reveal.