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No Time To Lose, BJP MLA’s campaign to Man Ahead Of UP Polls

The Election Commission banned rallies over Covid and candidates reverting to door-to-

door meetings.

Kanpur’s widely circulated video showcases a campaigner’s efforts laughing when he

interrupts a voter’s bath time.

Surendra Maithani, the BJP MLA from Kanpur, posted a series of images of him interacting

with others, with some even applying tilak on his forehead.

At the same time, he campaigned in his seat in the assembly. However, in a clip that went

viral in the past, Mr. Maithani speaks to a man while showering. The MLA is said to have

walked in and begun asking questions.

“Is everything in order? Is your house built? Do you have a ration card?” MLA questions the

man taking bathing.

“Yes, Yes!” the man says by soaping himself.

The BJP MLA has posted the photo to the Instagram page.

“I visited the home of a beneficiary and congratulated him on the success of the finalization

of his house under the scheme for housing.

I asked him to press the lotus (BJP symbol) to elect me as MP,” an MLA said.

Uttar Pradesh will go to the polls in seven phases from February 10 through 7 March, with

the results to be announced by March 10.


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