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“Novak Djokovic saw an opportunity to get an exemption so he took it, you can’t blame him for that”: Ons Jabeur

“Novak Djokovic saw an opportunity to get an exemption so he took it, you can’t blame him for that”: Ons Jabeur.

The decision not to be vaccinated and apply for a waiver to enter Australia for the next Australian Open 2022 has become one of the biggest controversies in the sport with the formation of camps for and against Djokovic’s decision to find a way to enter the country and play in the Slam where vaccination was made mandatory.

Djokovic was unable to explain why he needed a waiver when he was questioned by immigration officers at Melbourne airport, leading to his detention at the airport and then in a federal quarantine facility while his lawyers won their case in court. that saw him get the visa like the court. dismissed the government’s case and the player quickly resumed training for the Grand Slam.

Since Djokovic was not vaccinated and was allowed to play, the decision has not gone down well with the Aussies and many of the players, as well as the rules, were clarified a while ago. However, the Tunisian number 1 and the world number 10 Ons Jabeur he believes otherwise and says that Djokovic was within his rights to take advantage of the opportunity that the tournament and the Australian government gave him.

“I have the impression that some players blame him for coming, others don’t. I think we should respect his decision not to get vaccinated. If they didn’t want me to come, why give the exemption and all the rest? I feel that what is happening to him is hard; It is a very, very difficult situation.

I hope it’s not politics like people say. I feel like he’s going to have a historic run this season, especially at the Australian Open, and he saw an opportunity to get a bye, so he took it, and we can’t blame him for that.” Ons said during his press conference defending the Serb and blaming the Australian government for creating the mess.

Despite having won the case, the Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke he used his power and canceled Djokovic’s visa once again and, as expected, the player’s lawyers have taken the legal route once again to challenge the decision and make every effort to get Djokovic to play in the Grand Slam.

The case will have its hearing on January 16, Sunday, one day before the first day of the Australian Open 2022 when the top half of players are ready to play their respective matches, including top seed Djokovic, who is scheduled to start against his compatriot Myomir Kecmanovic. As for Ons, he will start against the Spanish Nuria Parrizas Diaz in the first round of the Slam.


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