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Parents of a girl killed in a clothing store dressing room by Los Angeles police

Parents of a girl killed in a clothing store dressing room by Los Angeles police. 

LOS ANGELES – of a girl killed in the dressing room of a clothes store by the bullet of a Los Angeles police officer’s stray bullet last week demanded accountability on the Tuesday of a day after the police released footage of the chaotic scenes leading up towards the tragic shooting.

The 14-year-old girl, Valentina Orellana Peralta, was unintentionally killed in the North Hollywood store on December 23 after an officer fired on a man beating another customer after he was harassing and intimidating several others.

It was the suspect who died. Police said that one shot of the rifle used by the officer hit the wall of the space where the girl was huddled behind a wall, not visible alongside her mother, and struck the teenager’s chest. 

She was looking for a dress that was killed instantly in her mother’s arms.

“It feels like my entire heart has been taken from my body,” her father, Juan Pablo Orellana Larenas, stated in a statement that was read by the family’s attorney, Ben Crump, during an event outside the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) headquarters. 

“We need to see justice done for the daughter we love. Valentina’s story was crucial to her.”

The parents wept while standing on a wreath of photos and flowers of their Chilean-born daughter. 

They wore a sign around their necks with the words “justice to my child” in English and Spanish.

Parents and lawyers did provide a specific way for justice to be administered.

The parents said their daughter was an outstanding student who wanted to engineer.

“She had big dreams to become an American citizen. She wanted to be at home in America. The United States because this was the place of opportunity,” Crump said.

Orellana-Peralta was lived in the capital of Chile city, Santiago And then. According to the Los Angeles Times report, she traveled from Chile to the United States six months ago with her mother to visit her older sister.

Her mother researched documentation to stay permanently in the United States with her daughter forever.

Police chief Michel Moore issued a statement that promised a “thorough and complete” investigation. 

In addition, the California Attorney General’s Office has launched an independent investigation.

Security footage from the store released on Monday revealed the suspect’s unpredictable, violent behavior when he entered the store using his bicycle, as well as the chaos that followed as he began assaulting customers with a large cable lock made of metal.

Police have also released the recordings of emergency messages from store employees and other customers who had reported the assault of a suspect with an armed weapon on customers and causing an evacuation.

Video footage recorded by several officers wearing body cameras captured the violent final moment of the incident. Officers arrive at the scene, armed and close on the suspect bludgeoning the victim.

The officer closest to the suspect is heard shouting, “She’s bleeding, and she’s bleeding,” shortly before he makes it around a corner and confronts his suspect, as the woman is trying to get away.

With the bike lock and a massive object in his hands, the suspect is seen with his back towards the exterior of the fitting room, a few steps away from the victim who is bleeding, as policeman raises his weapon and fires three rounds at him.

The victim, identified as Daniel Elena-Lopez, 24 years old, died on the spot. The Los Angeles Times has said that he’s had several prior convictions for a felony.

The girl, 14, was murdered shortly afterward in the dressing area as police looked around the store in search of further victims, according to police. 

The woman who was beaten by cables was transported to the local hospital, where she could recover.

Police said the officer responsible for firing those shots was removed from the force pending the investigation results, according to police.



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