How many people play FFXIV All Over the World?

People play FFXIV All Over the World: Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 14 is an extremely loved MMO game that is currently getting new updates and expansions. 

With Endwalker being added to the update list, more players flock to the game. 

This is causing us to think, how many people are playing the game? So let’s take a look at the estimated global FF14 players.

How many people play FFXIV All Over the World?

Here are some figures which will provide you with an idea of FFXIV players’ numbers.

  • As of the date when this article was written, the number of gamers currently playing Steam for Final Fantasy XIV Online was 48,410, with a maximum of 80,581 players in the morning.
  • According to external websites, the number of players that the game has is 35.8 million. The average daily users are about 3.4 million. However, this number isn’t accurate since it includes the number of accounts inactive.
  •  The number of players has risen substantially in the last 30 days, mainly because of the latest expansion launch. 

 There’s been more gain than a loss of players for the game FFXIV, which is a remarkable achievement. 

Additionally, Director Naoki Yoshida has also stated his findings that Final Fantasy 14 is Square Enix’s biggest-grossing Final Fantasy game in the series.

  • Due to the vast amount of players, the game was plagued by server problems and high queue times. Many users reported that their queue of queues was held and moving very slowly (or even not moving at all). Due to this, the developers issued a notification about server congestion. Plus, they offered compensation for players for similar reasons.
  • That’s the number of players playing FFXIV. Based on this figure, the player count of players from all over the world has many times when servers could become overwhelmed. This is the way to verify the servers of FF14. 

Also, ensure that you go into the News section of the Final Fantasy XIV website to be informed of any new bugs, updates, and announcements by the game’s creators.

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