Play Genshin Impact on Steam Deck

Play Genshin Impact on Steam Deck: Steam Deck, Valve’s first portable gaming system, had its commercial debut in February 2022. Unfortunately, even months after its release, the gadget still does not natively support Genshin Impact.

However, it does not preclude you from playing the well-known gatcha game on Steam Deck. Here is a detailed instruction for running Genshin Impact on Steam Deck, which has several workarounds.

Playing Genshin Impact on Steam Deck

Genshin Impact on Steam Deck requires the installation of Windows on your mobile gaming device. Therefore, these procedures should be followed after generating a bootable Pendrive for Windows 10.

Warning: Steam Deck comes with SteamOS pre-installed, and it’s important to note that Windows cannot be dual booted with SteamOS. Therefore, to launch the game on Windows, you must replace the Windows package.

Enter the Steam Deck with the bootable USB disk.

You can connect a USB Type-C flash drive straight to your device if you have one. If not, a USB to C converter is required to install Windows.

To enter the boot menu, simultaneously press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons.

Select your USB flash drive using the D-Pad on the Steam deck.

Start the computer again, then install Windows.

We advise attaching a keyboard and mouse so you may use them to walk through the setup process and quickly install Windows on your Steam Deck. The display will appear to you by default in portrait mode, which we shall change later in this tutorial.

Complete the Windows installation.

To set up Windows, choose the language, introduce yourself to Cortana, input your activation key, and do other actions.

Screen orientation should change to Landscape.

For the best viewing, go to Start > Settings > System > Display > Display Orientation and choose Landscape.

Install the Genshin Impact launcher after downloading it.

Open any browser, such as Microsoft Edge, and go to the official Genshin Impact website. Then, by clicking the Windows icon, download the game launcher, then wait for the setup to finish.

Save game files and other materials.

Open the launcher after it has installed and start downloading the Genshin Impact files. This will take a few minutes to finish, depending on your internet connection speed.

Start Genshin Impact, then take a ride.

Launch Genshin Impact from your desktop and use your Steam Deck controllers to play it.

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