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Russia has said they could deploy nuclear mid-range missiles across Europe

Russia has said they could deploy nuclear mid-range missiles across Europe. 

Russia has said that on Monday that it might be required to launch intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe in response to what it views as the plans of NATO’s to deploy similar things.

The warning by the deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov raised the risk of a renewed weapons build-up in Europe and tensions between the East and West to be at their lowest ever since Cold War ended three decades in the past.

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Ryabkov declared that Russia could be forced to take action if the West did not join in the moratorium on intermediate-range weapons (INF) throughout Europe in the security package Russia is seeking as a cost for defusing the conflict in Ukraine.

Failure to reach an agreement on a diplomatic and political solution will result in Russia reacting aggressively using military technology, Ryabkov said to the Russian RIA media agency.

“That is, there could be a conflict that will lead to the next phase,” he said, speaking of the possible use of the missiles from Russia.

Intermediate-range nuclear weapons range from 5500 to 500 km (310 -3400 miles). They were banned across Europe through a treaty signed in 1987. 

It was signed between Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and U.S. President Ronald Reagan in what was widely regarded as an essential step towards easing Cold War tensions. 

By 1991, both sides had destroyed more than 2700 of the weapons.

Washington has withdrawn from the pact in 2019, after expressing concern for several years of allegations of violations about Russia’s creation of a cruise missile that is launched from the ground that Moscow refers to as”the 9M729 and NATO calls”Screwdriver” “Screwdriver.”

Suppose NATO is correct in stating that Russia has already deployed the technique in the European region. Then Ryabkov’s threat is not a real one, according to Gerhard Mangott.

If the Russian denials are accurate, He said that Moscow’s warning could be “the final message to NATO that it must begin discussions with Russia concerning a freeze-freeze arrangement.”

He said: “If NATO sticks with its position of not negotiating on a deal, we’ll certainly witness Russia launch the Screwdriver missile near its western frontier.”


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