Teachers in France are on strike throughout France to protest the treatment of the Covid-19 pandemic

Teachers in France are on strike throughout France to protest the treatment of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Paris: Less than two weeks since the start of winter, French teachers are already exhausted from the stress of a high number of COVID-19 cases. 

The day before, French educators will walk out in a massive strike led by the unions of teachers to protest class disruptions caused by the virus and the ever-changing rules for isolation.

France has been at the center of the fight to beat COVID-19. The number of new infections reached 360,000 per day in the last few days. The extremely transmissible Omicron-related variant drove it.

Teachers are discontent and seek clarifications regarding rules and security measures, like different masks and tests to ease the pressure. 

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“The months of January can be a challenging one (for schools),” Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer acknowledged on France 2 TV.

His ministry recorded 50,000 fresh COVID-19-related cases among students in recent days. 

There was also an overwhelming number of classes that were shut down because of the virus 10553. Unfortunately, the numbers are likely to increase over the next few weeks.

It is reported that the SNUIPP teacher’s union claims discontent is growing within French teachers. 

Since January 6, authorities have already issued two new regulations for schoolchildren’s testing and whiplash sufferers.

The union expects around 75 percent of teachers to be out on strike, and half of the schools will shut across the nation. 

“The situation since the beginning of the school year that began in January has caused an unimaginable chaos and a feeling of resentment and discontent within the school staff,” the union said.


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