Telangana BJP Chief:

Bandi Sanjay, the state president of the Telangana BJP and an MP from Karimnagar, made fun of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao by claiming that “there are other Eknath Shindes in TRS” and that “his political days are gone.”

“How does Chief Minister KCR know what transpires in the BJP National Executive Committee meeting,” Bandi Sanjay said at a press conference. You, the state’s chief minister, claim that the BJP lacks a plan. How can the BJP be in power in 18 states if it has no strategy? The Chief Minister is speaking in a very degrading manner, he remarked.

He requested KCR’s unequivocal apologies for demeaning Jogulamba Mata and upsetting Hindu sentiment. You (the TRS party) stated in Karimnagar, “Hindu gallu Bondu gallu,” and the people there have buried you. You (CM KCR) are making remarks against Jogulamba Mata, a Shakti Peeth.

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Your days are running out. And when time is running out, people use language like this. Your political career will suffer if you speak out against Jogulamba Mata. First, you should apologize to the Hindus.

The head of the BJP in the state said that Chief Minister KCR and Prime Minister Narendra Modi vary greatly.

“Are you the country’s leader, Desh ki neta? And you contrast yourself with Prime Minister Modi. PM Modi puts in 18 hours a day at work while you (KCR) never leave your farmhouse. You calling yourself Desh ki Neta had everyone in stitches.

Bandi Sanjay responded to KCR’s comments on Eknath Shinde, the chief minister of Maharashtra, by saying, “You are speaking about Eknath Shinde; first, look at your party. I believe TRS has a large population of Eknath Shindes. That may be the cause of KCR’s repeated mentions to Eknath Shinde. He worries that his party is developing leaders like Eknath Shinde.

He said that KCR remained at his farmhouse during the floods while the chief minister of Karnataka went to talk with residents. “The Karnataka chief minister is touring flood-affected districts. Did you leave your farmhouse at all?”

The speaker said anyone might join Eknath Shinde’s party, including his son KTR, daughter Kavitha, and nephew Harish Rao.