Testu's Rise at all Wise Beasts

Testu’s Rise at all Wise Beasts :  Elden Ring‘s map is full of secrets that have been in the dark for months; however, the magically locked towers are much more easily identified. Find out how to locate Testu’s Rising Wise Beasts to claim your reward!

FromSoftware’s latest release combines brutal, challenging combat with problem-solving and platforming. This is rewarded with legendary treasures and Testu’s Rise providing essential equipment to the best puzzlers.

Although, indeed, the paintings that have been mysteriously discovered in The Lands Between may be one of the puzzles from earlier times, you find out it is necessary to do a lot of research to figure out.

However, these towers can be opened from where they are! Three buildings are locked in this manner, and the most difficult one is Testu’s Rise being one of the more difficult.

Testu’s Rise at all Wise Beasts

Where can you find Testu’s Rise?

Testu’s Rise is situated on a tiny island in Liurnia Lake, north of Raya Lucaria Academy. It is accessible at Liurnia through the Academy on the opposite side.

However, you must be aware that turning your head to the left could accidentally disturb Glintstone Dragon Smarag, who is extremely tough.

On the island, go towards the tower after activating The Site of Grace. Next, talk to the Imp statue that guards the entrance.

If you’re looking for every Site of Grace throughout the Lands Between, we’ve got you covered. Our guide will guide you through the resting places and include an entire map!

Testu’s Rise at all Wise Beasts

Three Wise Beasts, Locations

The puzzle starts. The information displayed about the sculpture will provide an order. Three wise beasts need to be found, and since it is Elden Ring to be killed.

Don’t fear. These creatures aren’t scary. They’re not at all hostile. These are Spectral tortoises even when the game calls turtles!

Spectral Zombie creatures are also slow yet can cause massive damage if they catch you!

Do you want to take on more attack damage? This is how your stats impact your character’s durability and help you live longer!

Wise Beast 1

Take a look at the Imp statue (pointing to the East) and then change direction towards the North. In front of you is a dead zombie sitting on a rock. He seems to be watching that first Wise Beast. It’s hard for you to ignore, so eliminate it before going on.

Wise Beast 2

Continue to circle your tower in a circular direction. Unfortunately, you’ll be attacked by zombies nearly right next to the tower entrance.

Be prepared if you must, or try to avoid their slow motions. Then, take a look. This turtle is hanging onto a tree halfway up the trunk.

It’s beyond melee range, and you’ll need magic or ranged attacks to take it down. You can also strike the tree first to make it fall.

Wise Beast 3

It is now possible to continue in a clockwise direction; however, to better position yourself, go back towards Imp. Imp statue. Next, you should look towards the South.

The turtle is near the other. So, you must walk the distance of just a few feet until you get to an edge on the rock.

If you look down, you’ll notice that this Wise Beast is right below you. So you’re aware of what you should take in the future.

Want to have a complete outline of all the turtle’s hidden locations? Here’s a number-coded map showing the exact locations of all three wise beasts.

Testu’s Rise at all Wise Beasts

Potential Glitch & Workaround

If you’re having trouble finding the Wise Beasts even after following our tips, there’s a chance that you’re suffering from a well-known issue. But, according to the comments of Elden Ring’s Fextralife Wiki, be assured that there’s a solution.

Two potential obstacles have been identified in the past: the timing of the day and the interaction with Zombies.

Some have suggested that turtles only emerge at night, whereas others say that if Zombies “lose the aggro” (meaning their AI “forgets” to think about the person they are), The turtles would go away.

So, we suggest using this Site of Grace to wait until the evening and make sure you do not wander away to the Zombies. If you do end up losing the Turtles and you are unable to interact with them, visit the Imp statue once more, and they’ll be respawned.

Do you want to meet a different type of turtle in the future? Here’s where to locate The Walking Mausoleums, with three nearby!

The Rise of Testu Puzzle Reward

Have you finished slaying ineffective Turtles? Are you a courageous warrior? Now it’s time to get your reward!

When the door is opened, and the stairs open, climb up and into Testu’s Rise. Go up the tower to discover an undiscovered treasure chest.

Inside the chest is a Memory Stone, essential loot for those who use magic or Incantations! The Memory Stone lets you use a different prayer or spell that you can utilize during battle!

You’ve now gained a magical slot, but here’s how you can acquire one of the most potent magical Talismans Elden Ring has to offer!

If you’re trying to enhance your skills, this is where you can get the most effective staff available in Elden Ring!


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