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The government will stand firm on Opp demand to lift the suspension of twelve M.P.s

The government will stand firm on Opp demand to lift the suspension of twelve M.P.s. 

The government is stepping up its opposition to the demand to lift the ban on 12 Rajya Sabha M.P.s. The government said on Wednesday that it is “unfortunate” that the Opposition’s senior leaders are “not willing to apologize” for the conduct of their counterparts during the Monsoon Session of August.

The House of Representatives in Rajya Sabha, Piyush Goyal, claimed that suspended lawmakers “pushed female marshals and tried to strangle male marshals” during the disturbances on August 11th. 

However, charges were denied by the Leader of the Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge.

Kharge stated that the Opposition was being slapped with “crimes that it didn’t commit.” He added: “The incidents of [August 11th] and 10th are two separate events. In their claims, they refer to the events of 10th… In the end, both nations, as well as the House, are duped. The decision was following the events of August 11th.”

A brief discussion regarding the current situation that has arisen from the instances that involve covid-19: it is, the Omicron variation of Covid-19 in India was cut short. And the House was rescheduled until Thursday after the Opposition M.P.s stepped up their protests over Goyal’s remarks.

The Opposition M.P.s were also furious at BJP M.P. Shiv Pratap Shukla’s comments declaring them “Omicron.” RJD MEP Manoj Jha questioned the appropriateness of Shukla’s remarks.

In the beginning, before the brief duration debate was scheduled for 2 pm, the Opposition noted the health minister Mansukh Mandaviya was absent from the House. 

The government announced that he would be present, after which the House was rescheduled to 15 minutes.

At 2.18 pm, when TMC Member Sushmita Dev was asked to begin the discussion about Omicron, she stated that it was equally crucial to discuss suspensions for M.P.s that should be lifted.

Goyal replied to her and said that the suspended members must apologize first. “If some members have committed a wrong, abused the marshals, or infuriated the members of this House, They should apologize as we’ll be compassionate towards them. But, should they think they’ll assault the members, they will be insulting the lady marshals. Then they are entitled to return… Unfortunately, some of the senior members of the Opposition aren’t willing to admit to the wrongdoing that their coworkers have committed,” Goyal added.

He also cited the attacks on the Parliament of 2001 in explaining that House staff support members who have fought to the end deserve an apology from suspended M.P.s as a minimum act of courtesy.


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