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The U.S. Urges Americans to stop traveling towards Italy and Greenland

The U.S. Urges Americans to stop traveling towards Italy and Greenland. 

Washington: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned Americans against traveling towards Italy, Greenland, and Mauritius in light of COVID-19 fears.

The CDC has listed 84 destinations with a “Level 4 Highly Excellent” classification. It includes almost all of Europe. 

In addition, the State Department on Monday included Italy and Mauritius in its “Level Four Avoid Travel” advisory.

Italy recorded 98 deaths due to coronavirus on Monday, compared to 66 deaths the previous day, the ministry of health said. The daily number of new infections dropped down to 11,712 from 19,215.

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Italy has reported the death of 134,929 people due to COVID-19 since the outbreak began in February this year. 

This is the second-highest number of deaths in Europe, following Britain, and the ninth highest globally. Italy has recorded 5.24 million cases as of today.

Italy is historically one of the top tourist locations for Americans.

As a result, the United States imposed new rules in effect from Dec. 6. 

It required international travelers who fly into the United States to obtain a negative COVID-19 result within one day of their travel.

The past vaccination of international travelers could have a negative test result within three days from their departure date.

It was beginning in November. 29th on the 29th of November, the White House barred nearly all foreign nationals from into the United States from eight southern African countries. 

It includes South Africa over fears of the spreading associated with the Omicron variant. However, the White House hasn’t extended those travel restrictions to all other countries where the variant has been found.

The White House has repeatedly said that it regularly reviews African travel restrictions to determine if they need to be lifted.


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