The vaccination of children between 15 and 18 years old will start in January

The vaccination of children between 15 and 18 years old will start in January. 

New Delhi – Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Saturday, December 25, that the country will begin COVID-19 vaccinations for children aged 15-18 years starting on January 3. 

He also announced that the “precaution dose” for healthcare workers and frontline workers would be effective from January 10.

The Prime Minister addressed the nation and stated that citizens over 60 years old would take the precaution dose on their own accord, as long as they have comorbidities. 

This will happen to start on January 10, next year. The Prime Minister used the term precaution dose but did not refer to it as a booster dose, as is expected.

Modi stated that global experience has shown that taking preventive measures at an individual level is a powerful weapon in fighting Covid. He asked people to be aware and to take all precautionary steps but warned against panicking.

PM Modi stated that the Omicron variant of the virus is causing an increase in Covid cases. He also said it was a good time to avoid overindulging in celebrations.

He stated, “The new #Omicron COVID variant means that infects are rising in many countries.” Therefore, I urge everyone not to panic but to remain vigilant, use masks, and sanitize their hands frequently.

PM Narendra Modi stated that India has 18 lakh isolation beds and 5 lakh oxygen-supported beds. There are also 1.40 lakh ICU beds. There are 90,000 pediatric ICU beds. 

More than 3,000 PSA oxygen plants are in operation, and 45,000 oxygen cylinders are distributed across the country.

He said India would soon receive its first DNA vaccine against Covid and a nasal vaccine.

Before his address to the nation, the PMO tweeted that PM @narendramodi would address the nation in approximately 15 minutes.