The Violent Clash On Punjab Teachers At the Chief Minister’s Rally

The Violent Clash On Punjab Teachers At the Chief Minister’s Rally. 

Senior Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s women-focused ” Ladki hoon, lad Sakti hoon (I’m an Asian girl and I can combat)” campaign launched in Uttar Pradesh faced a challenge in a state. 

In Punjab chief minister Charanjit Singh Channi’s event in Sangrur, the police were being seen dragging, gagging, and loading men and women into jeeps. 

However, the police resorted to targeting qualified teachers who, having no jobs, had gathered on the location to protest.

The images from the scene show the police trying to stop slogan-shouting teachers. While slogans denigrating chief ministers and the Punjab government came out, the police were seen tormenting the protesters and stuffing the mouths of protesters with a cloth.

A police officer could be seen tormenting the woman who was protesting by her clothing. At the same time, she danced in the air and shouted slogans in opposition to Congress. Congress government. 

The woman was then seen inside a police car and several protesters. Incessantly, she continued to shout slogans while a policewoman attempted to drag her back in and shut the windows. The bus then left.

People protesting in the demonstration were confronted by those who supported the Chief Minister. In some instances, there were physical attacks.

A man was spotted putting the protester in a chokehold and trying not to shut his mouth to prevent him from booing the government. Some others helped police tattle the protesters before dragging their bodies into the waiting van.

In one of the videos, three cops were trying to force a man to the floor and then kneeling on his chest before taking off the suspect. 

The video is a shot of Chief Secretary Charanjit Singh Channi sitting on the stage, ready to deliver his speech in the final frame.

The BJP criticized the police’s actions against teachers. Social media was bombarded with messages. Some of them even aimed at Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to promote women’s rights.

This isn’t the first time the Punjab police’s efforts to shield Mr. Channi from protesters have been criticized.

In a bizarre directive earlier in March, authorities from Punjab Police had asked its officers to play hymns and other religious songs through loudspeakers to drown out the protesters’ voices at the functions, which the chief minister attended. The acclamation of this policy caused authorities to pull the directive and cite “clerical error.”

Arvind Kejriwal, who wants to secure a seat in the state for the coming Assembly elections, visited Mohali in March to contact unemployed teachers. 

If elected, Mr. Kejriwal offered eight promises for teachers and promised massive changes to the state’s education sector.



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