TMC worker's house blown up by Bomb blast in Bahrampur

TMC worker’s house blown up by Bomb blast in Bahrampur, West Bengal.

A can of rice exploded at the home of a Trinamul activist. His mother was seriously injured. The incident took place in the Banjetia area of ​​Bahrampur in Murshidabad. The reason the Trinamul activist had kept the bomb in the house is under pressure.

Residents of the Banjetia area of ​​Berhampur in Murshidabad were fast asleep Tuesday night. A sudden loud noise shook the entire region. They all left the house.

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Locals saw an explosion at the home of a man named Prabir Mandal. The roof of the house has collapsed. The furniture in the house is in disarray. Everything around is full of black smoke.

An elderly woman named Padmarani Das was injured in the incident. She was admitted to the Murshidabad Medical College Hospital.

However, the locals claim that Prabir Mandal did not live in that house.

He sometimes, he would come to that house to meet his mother. The locals could not imagine that he had kept the bomb in that house. The reason he stored the bomb has created a fog.

Police arrived at the scene Wednesday morning. Even today, the signs of a bomb explosion at home are pretty clear. Shells were also seen scattered here and there.

The police recovered bombs and shell casings. The incident has created an atmosphere of extreme panic in the Banjetia belt.

The bomb blast has sparked political tensions at the home of Prabir Mandal, known as an active Trinamul activist, and the recovery of bullet casings.

Opponents allege that Prabir was storing bombs at his home to create a riot.

However, the Bahrampur Police Station police are investigating the exact reason why Prabir had stored the bomb.


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