Top 5 Nagaland Trekking Trails

Top 5 Nagaland Trekking Trails: A rich wealth of nature, culture, legacy, and adventure may be found in Northeast India. One state that provides a wide range of choices for fans of adventure sports in Nagaland.

Some of the greatest terrains for hikers to traverse are found in Nagaland. For example, one of India’s Purvanchal Ranges’ most beautiful mountains is located in this state.

You might also stroll through lovely, lush woods and river streams.

The top five hike routes listed here are ones you shouldn’t skip the next time you visit Nagaland.

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With a height of 12,000 feet, this mountain is the highest peak in the state. From the western parts of the summit, one can view various aspects of Burma.

The summit hiking track begins in Thanamir village, 244 kilometers from Kohima.


Mount Tiyi, which lies in the Wokha area, is 75 kilometers from Kohima, the nation’s capital. Trekking atop Mount Tiyi, a height of more than 6,000 feet, is one of the most therapeutic experiences you can have.

Rhododendrons, commonly known as wild mountain orchids, may also see along the road.


The Dzukou valley is about 22 kilometers from Kohima. The mountain’s hiking path height ranges from 5000 to 8000 feet.

The voyage takes three days to accomplish in its entirety, although you may choose to go less distance. An enjoyable way to pass the time in the valley is by camping along the road.

Mt. Karamadzi

Locals refer to Mount Kapamodzu, the Phek district, as the second Dzukou valley. It boasts a lot of wildflowers and is Nagaland’s fourth-highest mountain.

The mountain offers a breathtaking hike and several locations to see the dawn and stars.


Another popular hiking spot is just 10 kilometers from Kohima, Pulie Badge. Due to its small distance, the hike is appropriate for novices.

After an hour-long hike, you can see the whole city of Kohima from this location.