Treat and make zombie villagers in Minecraft

Treat and make zombie villagers in Minecraft: In Minecraft, zombies are present almost everywhere. They are probably the aggressive group you will run across the most while exploring dark tunnels and going for a stroll in the rain or at night.

Zombies have such an effect on the game that they may even influence and take over Villages. Here’s how to make or treat zombie villagers in Minecraft.

How to make a zombie villager

Their faces reveal the difference between a typical zombie and a zombie villager. They may become a regular Villager again if they have the look of one.

It is only feasible for a zombie to attack a villager on Normal or Hard difficulty; it is impossible on Easy. This results in the creation of a zombie villager.

Every time the Zombie strikes the Villager, there is a 50% probability on Normal and a 100% certainty on Hard. The ideal approach is to visit a village at night and tear down a wooden door on a residence occupied by villagers.

There is a 5% chance that a Zombie Villager variety may emerge in the wild whenever a regular Zombie spawns. Therefore, be careful not to release Zombies on Villagers.

Additionally, a village has a 2% chance of generating as an abandoned settlement populated by zombies.

How to treat a zombie villager

In Minecraft, a Golden Apple and a Splash Potion of Weakness is required to heal a Zombie Villager. You need one Apple and eight Gold Ingots to create a Golden Apple.

Place the Apple in the center slot and the Gold Ingots on each side for the crafting recipe.

Once you have everything you need, locate a zombie villager and capture it; otherwise, it will catch fire and perish. Then, toss it your Splash Potion of Weakness.

If you strike it, some gray swirls will emerge, indicating it is weakening. So take the Golden Apple and deliver it to them before the effect worsens.

Within a minute or two, the swirls will become crimson and change into a villager.

After waiting, you may trade with another villager and unlock the Zombie Doctor accomplishment.