Tropical Storm Henri Tracker and Live Location

Tropical Storm Henri Tracker and Live Location towards North-Eastern U.S.  

Storm Henri Tracker: Tropical Storm Henri continued its march towards North on Saturday morning. Therefore, it may strike on the North-Eastern U.S.A. 

However, Tropical Storm (Nyc) Henri was probably the first direct hurricane hit in many years. Forecasters predicted that the Nyc Henri storm would become a hurricane on Saturday. It is when the winds of a storm reach 74 mph.

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According to the National Hurricane Center, the system is still a tropical storm. It will bring winds of 70 mph to Long Island or southern New England on Sunday afternoon. It could reach hurricane strength with winds up to 75 mph.

Henri storm tracker is expected to bring severe winds, up to 8 inches of rain, and as high as 5 feet of storm surge to the region.

AccuWeather chief meteorologist Jon Porter stated that this is the most severe hurricane risk New England has faced in 30 years. Bob was a Category 2 hurricane that claimed at least 17 lives.

The National Hurricane Center stated that storm surge and hurricane warnings were in place for Long Island and southern New England.

Later, they also added that everyone should make preparations to protect property and life quickly.

For most southern New England, Long Island, and southern New York, tropical storm warnings were issued, including New York City.

Henri Tracker live location

Henri Tracker
Storm Henri

Nyc Storm Henri Tracker and live location showing approximately 180 miles southeast from Cape Hatteras (North Carolina) and about 540 miles southeast of Montauk Point (New York). It was moving north side of the United States at 12 miles per hour.

The weather service warned about the possibility of damaging winds and widespread coastal flooding by Henri. Officials in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York advised that people might lose power for up to a week.

Authorities advised people to secure their boats and fuel their cars, as well as stock up on canned goods.

Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker, Massachusetts Governor. He stated that he didn’t want anyone stuck on Cape Cod bridges during the storm.

Michael Finkelstein (East Lyme, Connecticut police chief, and emergency management Director) said that “this storm is extremely worrying.” “We haven’t been down this road for a while, and it’s not hard to imagine that we and New England would be in real trouble if a hurricane hits.”

Tropical Storm Henri will stay maritime of mid-Atlantic shores as it moves northward through Saturday. 

However, beaches from Savannah in Georgia to Atlantic City in New Jersey can expect indirect effects from the storm. These include rough surf and dangerous rip currents.