Typhoon Muifa threatens China's Zhejiang province

Typhoon Muifa threatens China’s Zhejiang province: On Wednesday, Typhoon Muifa intensified in the East China Sea, causing the cancellation of hundreds of flights out of Shanghai’s financial district and posing a danger to the bustling port shared by the towns of Ningbo and Zhoushan.

According to the China Meteorological Administration, Muifa is forecast to travel northwest at a pace of 20-25 km/h (12-15 mph), develop. And finally impact coastal regions south of Zhoushan. As a result, Zhejiang province increased its typhoon emergency reaction to the highest level.

Forecasters predict that the 12th typhoon of the year to hit China will make landfall on Wednesday afternoon or evening. On Thursday, Shanghai issued an alert warning for wind gusts and heavy rainfall.

On Wednesday, 589 flights have already impact, and more than 50% of flights at Shanghai Pudong and Hongqiao airports will reschedule or canceled.

Flights at the airports in Zhoushan and Ningbo also cancel.

The national weather forecaster warned that there was a high risk of flooding small and medium-sized rivers in northeast Zhejiang and waterlogging in eastern and northern Zhejiang, Shanghai, southern Jiangsu, and other locations. As a result, Zhejiang authorities issued a “red warning” for flash floods in several areas.