Ukraine wants to use the single market of the EU

Ukraine wants to use the single market of the EU: Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, said on Thursday that his war-torn nation wants to join the European Single Market before a decision is made on whether to give Kyiv full EU membership.

“For us, the subject of Ukraine’s entry into the EU single market, while we’re working toward EU membership status, is a vital one.

At a press conference with visiting EU Leader Ursula von der Leyen, he said, “I’m sure it will happen. And it will be one of our country’s most significant wins.”

Five days after Russia’s invasion on February 24, Ukraine applied for membership in the EU.

On June 23, the EU officially approved Ukraine’s application to join the 27-nation union, sending a strong message of support.

For the third occasion since the start of the invasion, von der Leyen was in Kyiv, and Zelensky praised her for her “personal presence in the life of our nation and your personal support of Ukraine.”

The two discussed the frequent attacks on Ukrainian energy installations by Russian soldiers and the current energy crisis in Europe caused by Moscow’s interruption of essential supplies. Regarding energy, the Ukrainian president added, “We should support one another.”

Zelensky remarked, “We’re grateful to have joined the European electricity networks.

Everyone will benefit from Ukraine providing inexpensive power to European nations, and during these trying times. We will have access to funding for wages and social benefits.

The IAEA Board requests that Russia depart Zaporizhzhia.

Diplomats at the closed-door meeting said the 35-nation Board of Governors of the UN nuclear watchdog approved a resolution Thursday demanding Russia quit controlling the Zaporizhzhia atomic power facility in Ukraine.

According to diplomats, the text approv with 26 votes in favor, two against, and seven abstentions. The two countries that voted against it were Russia and China.

It states that Russia must “immediately cease all actions against. And at, the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant and any other nuclear facility in Ukraine.”

On Thursday, the Spanish parliament approved Finland and Sweden’s membership in NATO, moving the two Nordic nations one step closer to becoming a part of the alliance’s most significant expansion since the 1990s as a reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In reaction to Russia’s invasion on February 24, Sweden and Finland submitted applications to join the 30-nation alliance.

However, both nations have received repeated Russian warnings not to join the coalition. And Russia refers to its efforts in Ukraine as “a special military operation.”

NATO partners signed the accession procedure for the two nations in July. However, before Finland and Sweden may cover by the defense clause. It must be confirmed by the legislatures of all of its members.

Five nations are still on the list after Spain’s ratification. And it might take up to a year for them to do so.

With 290 votes in favor, 11 votes against, and 47 abstentions, the lower house voted to ratify the accession.