Update for the Lucia kit in BedWars on Roblox

Update for the Lucia kit in BedWars on Roblox: On June 24th, 2022, Roblox BedWars launched the new Lucia kit battle pass kit update! The Void Realm and the Carrot Cannon item are likewise coming to an end with this release.

Several new kits are available to test out, and you’ll also discover tweaks, bug fixes, and enhancements.

To learn about every command in the game, see our page on the BedWars Commands List! In addition, the whole list of official patch notes from the Discord is provided below.

(NEW BP kit!) Luca

The new Level 5 premium Battlepass kit call Luca. First, fill up your piata with the sweets you get from players that do damage. Then, smash it when you’re ready for a ton of treasure!

NEW Easy. gg game: Battle Royale

On Saturday, at 9:00 AM PST, Battle Royale goes on sale! Join from the lobby of BedWars!

Void Realm Slid Away

For the time being, all gateways to the Void remain shut. However, the Void could be reopened in the future with fresh materials to craft.

(ITEM!) Carrot Cannon

Back in the main game, the Carrot Cannon is now directly available from the shopkeeper. Launch a barrage of carrots at your opponent’s base for massive damage!

Improvements in Moderation

We’ve been enhancing our moderating capabilities to identify and exclude cheats in your matches.

You ought to encounter fewer cheats in your games next week, particularly in ranked. We will keep enhancing moderation as we devote more funds to our anti-cheat and tools.

Ranking of Queue Changes

Players who had purchased paid access will still have access even if the ability to unlock ranks via that access has been disabled.

The new rank restrictions are one hundred victories, and a Bed Wars account at least seven days old.

  • Kits of the Week for Free
  • Landowner Cletus
  • Builder
  • Davey
  • Different Changes
  • It has a vaulted Grappling Gun.
  • Items now have tooltips.
  • Your in-hand item’s name is now shown in the action bar.
  • The kit store user interface now has kit class icons.
  • Damage reduction for the Tesla trap: 64
  • Void Portal’s fixed inf tesla bypass.
  • a chest duplication issue was fixed

Visit the Roblox BedWars page right now to test out the newest version! In addition, the Roblox area of our website has further details on various experiences.